Custom Box FAQs

Is there a Character limit?

Yes, 18 characters.

Can I print anything on my personalized box?

Sure! Almost anything up to 18 characters can be printed on the box (character and numbers, sorry no Emojis) but please be respectful - the website will filter out and will not accept objectionable words and phrases. Thank you!

Can I personalize different flavors of Cheerios boxes?

For now, we are only offering one box, as shown, for customization.

Will there be actual Cheerios in my personalized box?

Yes of course! Please be sure to check the Best If Used By date printed on every box of Cheerios before consuming.

What does limited time only mean?

This custom box, our first ever, is only available for sale from 1/29/24 through 4/1/24 or while supplies last.

How many boxes can I order?

There is a limit of one personalized Cheerios box per order, but you can certainly place as many orders as you like!

Can I sell/re-sell my personalized box?

No, these boxes are for personal use only and not for commercial use.

When will my box be delivered?

We will print your box quickly! It will take a few days to get it printed and out the door, then a few more to get it to you based on where you live.

Our official shipping policy is here.

Can I return my Custom Box after I receive it?

Due to the custom nature of this item and because it is a food item, all sales are final.

Our official return policy is here.